special offer

Panicked by how quickly time is passing?  February already!

Make time and mental space for you and your priorities, whether personal or professional.  I am offering my fellow Newman House members a huge 50% off of virtual Skype coaching sessions with me (personal or executive).  If you have ever been at all curious about coaching, here is your chance to try it out.  To find out how it actually works and what you can expect, visit my website and watch my 2-minute video;

All Skype sessions can be booked directly into my calendar via my Barton Insights Virtual Services page -  Just apply the code NEWMANHOUSE at checkout.  This will be valid until 30th June 2016.

You are welcome to share this with family and friends!

For any Newman House member scheduling a session by 10th March 2016, I would offer the option of your first session in person in the Newman House area for the same fee.  Email me for this at or with any questions!  Equally, feel free to give me a call on 07786 992864.