Newman House has history.  Film-maker Ron Orders founded its predecessor Cinecontact in Covent Garden in 1979.

It was to be not just a film production company but, as the name implies, a contact point for like-minded independent film-makers.  Cinecontact evolved over the years, through some time in Soho, into this, its most recent incarnation.

As Newman House, it remains dedicated to independence and creativity.

Newman House is a coworking club for workers in the creative industries, situated in the heart of Fitzrovia, W1.

The club offers members a place to work, chat, plan and drink coffee.  With a broad range of skills & disciplines, Newman House members are part of a community of like-minded collaborators working across film, TV, music, production, design, animation & more.

Alongside our desk space and the Academy Room, both of which are all available to hire, we organise regular social nights, events, film screenings and art exhibitions to promote greater links between our members.

So what is Newman House?  We are a coworking space in the centre of London, catering for a range of creative companies and freelancers, offering them a place to work, meet & socialise.  We enjoy close relationships with our regular attendees, so are actively welcoming member applications.

How do I become a member of Newman House?  Simply put, email us!  We'd like to be able to meet or talk first, as we take a hands-on approach to be sure Newman House is a good fit for all our members & that you will get the most out of a membership.  For us to talk before ensures it proves a win/win situation for you to sign up.

OK, that sounds good, but how exactly is it win/win?  Aside from a discounted desk rate & Academy Room hire, we host a lot of events to help make Newman House more than just an office.  We've got screenings, drinks events, art openings, an on-going lunch club, regular training events and larger one-off specials.  Plus, as a member, we've got a drop-in area that's free to use without booking!

A drop-in area?  That sounds nice... Doesn't it?  And it is!  We have a collection of sofas and tables, a break-out area that makes it easy for you drop in any time.  You can grab a coffee, check your emails, prep for a meeting or use it as an impromptu meeting space of your own.  It's better than stopping off in a Pret, and you won't need to take your laptop to the toilet with you!  And it's better than working from home, as we don't have a cat who wants to "help" you type.

And for something more long-term?  Our desks are available by buying a monthly pass, for 5, 10 or 15 to use as you need to over the month.  (Non-members can buy a week for a flat rate but it'll cost more.)  We open at 9.30am every day & give you a space to sit, a plug and wi-fi for your laptop, plus free tea and coffee to sustain you.

Wait, free tea & coffee?  Yes.  You will have to train yourself as a barista, but it's worth it...  Making an espresso is easy.  We have a cheat sheet.  It's laminated.

So how do I book a desk?  It's easily done, simply drop our House Manager an email with as much notice as possible.  If there's space for you, we will book you in & reply with an invoice for the cost of the desk.  Then you come in and work!

And when the working day is done?  We don't close when the business day is done.  We have an range of events, from social nights & screenings to workshops, that allow for even more interaction with your Newman House colleagues, under the influence of alcohol as opposed to caffeine.  Check our 'Events' page for details of what is on the horizon.

OK, that all sounds good.  How do I sign up?  Drop us an email and let's get talking...